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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Burnham: Do as I say - not as I did!

Do as I say - not as I did"
Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham has secured an emergency debate on whether the Government should publish the risk register, which is twenty months out of date, before Parliament passes the Health & Social Care Bill this today.

 The risk register is advice provided by civil servants and other professionals in confidence. No government has published a risk register regarding the National Health Service.

The last risk register that could of been published in 2009 but the then Health Secretary Andy Burnham blocked it. so what has changed since 2009 apart from Labour getting slung out of office by the people?

Answer nothing else, he was asked during a recent debate: "will you give a pledge now that a future Labour government will publish all risk registers?" His answer summed up Labour's and Mr Burnham's opportunism: "We'll look at it on a case by case basis" so no they wont.

So Andy Burnham and Labour never published a health risk register, if they're in government after the next election they wont automatically publish them either but in opposition he demands this government does what he refused to do. It is clearly a case of Mr Burnham indulging in "do as I say - not as I did!