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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Jones launches environmental policies for London

Green party candidate Jenny Jones
Green Party candidate for Mayor of London Jenny Jones today visited Wembley to meet local voters and launch her party’s policies on the environment, waste, recycling and energy.

Jones’ said that as Mayor she would help the capital aim to meet four major targets by 2030:

1. Become a zero waste city.
2. Reach 80% recycling rates.
3. Reduce energy usage by half.
4. Generate at least a third of its energy within London.

Ms Jones said: “By setting bold targets for our capital, we can ensure London is a model for the world in addressing climate change, reducing waste and securing our shared future. Although many Londoners grasp the importance of changing our way of life to protect our environment, our city still creates unsustainable levels of waste and pollution and consumes unsustainable levels of natural resources. The authorities must lead by example, and as Mayor I would set specific targets for the GLA group. But most importantly I would not just preach from City Hall, but offer concrete, practical assistance to all Londoners in reducing their energy bills, recycling more easily and waste less.”

Full list of Ms Jones' policies are available here