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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Dave and the "muttering idiot"

The Prime Minister David Cameron during Prime Minister's Questions called the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls a "muttering idiot"saying people should not listen to the "muttering idiot" sitting opposite him.

The Speaker John Bercow forced the Prime Minister to withdraw the word "idiot" as unparliamentary. The Prime Minister did saying "I will replace it with the man who left us with this enormous deficit and financial crisis". Ed Balls tweeted "For the record, I was simpy asking the Prime Minister, as he boasted the economy was on track: 'Tell us about the recession'."

However a number of lobby hacks contradict Ed Balls' version of events. Tom Bradby of ITV News tweeted "Ed Balls has turned winding up David Cameron into an art form. He said half a dozen times at PMQs today; have another glass of wine..." between Mr Balls or Mr Bradby I know which one I believe.....

And Sky's Jon Craig has now tweeted "Labour MPs report PM 'back on the bottle, sipping claret with his roast beef in Members' Dining Room as we speak. Taking Ed Balls' advice!'." adding more fuel that Mr Balls' explanation isn't true.

Mr Cameron wasn't dishing out insults all afternoon. after PMQs he made a statement to the Commons on the G8 summit at the weekend. In response to Dennis Skinner, Labour MP for Bolsover, he apologised for calling him a "dinosaur" the last time they clashed saying "my response was sharp".