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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

U-turns, backing down - its no way to govern!

Nick Clegg & David Cameron yesterday
The coalition today will put forward its programme for the next parliament outlined in the Queen's speech. The Speech has been widely briefed and the Liberal Democrats prize of Lords reform appears to be there. Although they were briefing last night that it had been dropped. The price the Tories had to pay for dropping it was a cancellation in the re-drawing of the parliamentary boundaries - which are heavily biased in favour of the Labour party and the Tories want it to be made more equal. So it would appear that the Liberal threat of blocking those changes have ensured they've got what they want.

At the last Conservative party conference, the Prime Minister, David Cameron said "I don’t support gay marriage despite being a Conservative, I support gay marriage because I am a Conservative." This time its not the Liberals bullying Mr Cameron but bigots on the lunatic fringe on the Conservative backbenches such as Peter Bone who said , on Sky News he wanted to "throw up" on hearing Mr Cameron say that. It would appear the laddie is for turning as he appears to of backed down and dropped proposals to allow equal, civil, marriage for homosexual couples.

Here comes another u-turn across the chamber. The last Labour government proposed allowing all emails, phone calls and internet searches to be stored and if required to be viewed by GCHQ. The Conservatives & the Liberal Democrats rightly opposed it as did enough Labour backbenchers to see it blocked. Although today the Coalition government will announce the same thing - the Tories and the Liberals now support it and senior members of the last government now oppose it.

On Labour its just the usual shameless opportunism of Ed Milibland and his team. The Coalition parties however should be ashamed of themselves for such a betrayal and u-turn to now support something it was convienient to oppose in opposition. Some people like, Conservative MP, David Davis will vote against but it appears principles are only available to those who don't seek high offices of state.

From the sections of the Queen's speech that has been briefed out it appears they've learn't from the budget. Leak the bad news not the good! The good news from this speech needs to come as a surprise or this time tomorrow I predict the government will be getting a hammering on the front pages. The government says governing is not about headlines which is right but when constantly the government is taking a beating from Fleet Street it doesn't do anything to bring confidence in the government.