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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Cameron hoists the white flag over programme motion

Flag that should be permanently flying over Downing St

David Cameron has surrendered and caved in to pressure from Conservative backbenchers over the House of Lords Reform programme motion. Government's Patronage Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, in light of the letter signed by over seventy Conservative MPs, couldn't guarantee a victory for the government.

Labour oppose the programme motion, but they are the opposition and were opposing for opposition sake saying before the programme motion was proposed that they would vote against it. However Labour vote against most government proposals without any chance of defeating the government. The responsibility for this lies at the door of Conservative backbenchers who couldn't be trusted to keep their word on the coalition agreement.

The Prime Minister looks weak, incompetent and is clearly out of his depth if he can't stand firm and face down a rebellion from his foot troops. He should simply slap down his rebels and show true leadership and hold firm rather than simply cutting and running. But as most things in the recent past with this government the laddie is for turning.

The Prime Minister has once again shown he is not up to the standard the office he holds demands. Mrs Thatcher nor Tony Blair in recent history be as weak as he is and there is no way Churchill would of caved in like this either. Cameron has no experience of life outside Eton, Oxbridge or Westminster. Just a PR policy wonk who worked at Tory central office then a special advisor at the Treasury even on Black Wednesday!

Britain deserves better than it is getting from the current Prime Minister it also deserves better from the opposition but then I am not surprised at them playing politics. The role of Prime Minister is an important one it should be held by someone who has a grasp on real life regardless of which is the largest party in the Commons. Cameron isn't up to the job and he should just go!