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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Salmond blasts UKIP for attacking Mosque visit

First Minister and Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond has rounded on UKIP for attacking his visit to a mosque last Friday - as reported in the Scotsman newspaper - saying it was vital to stop them in their tracks in the European election on Thursday. Mr Salmond pointed out that last Thursday he also met with all Christian denominations at his meeting with church leaders and representatives associated with Action of Churches Together in Scotland, and on Saturday he attended the opening ceremony of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

Alex Salmond commenting said: "Attacking a visit to a mosque illustrates perfectly why it is so important that we stop UKIP in their tracks - and we have that opportunity in Scotland on Thursday. The diversity of modern Scotland is a strength and a source of enrichment to our whole society. That is the progressive politics of the SNP and of Scotland. It is something to be celebrated - as we do across the political spectrum in Scotland - and is the antithesis of the backward-looking, insular and intolerant politics of UKIP."

Mr Salmond continuing said: "There is massive opposition to UKIP in Scotland, and it is really important that we keep them out of Scottish politics. The arithmetic of the polls is very clear that Scotland's sixth seat is a straight choice between the SNP and UKIP. Voting SNP on Thursday to elect Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh - including people who do not usually vote SNP - is the sure fire way to stop UKIP getting a foothold in Scotland, and denying them a platform to peddle their nasty politics."