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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

First pre-poll donations and loans report at Scottish Independence Referendum published

Almost £4 million (£3,965,595) in donations to registered campaigners at the Scottish Independence Referendum have been reported to the Electoral Commission. This is the first time voters anywhere in the UK will have had access to such information before a referendum. 

Under the Scottish Independence Referendum Act, registered campaigners must complete four pre-poll reports setting out what donations and loans they have received over £7,500 between commencement of the Act (18 December 2013) and 5 September 2014. The first pre-poll report covers the period from 18 December 2013 to 26 June 2014. There were six registered campaigners with reportable donations.

Outcome: Yes
  • Business for Scotland Ltd - £199,120
  • Christians for Independence - £100,000
  • Yes Scotland Limited (designated lead campaigner) - £1,160,000

Outcome: No
  • Better Together 2012 Ltd (designated lead campaigner) – £2,406,475
  • Mr Angus MacDonald - £25,000
  • No Borders Campaign - £75,000

Thirteen registered campaigners submitted a declaration that they had no reportable donations. All registered campaigners submitted their information on time. The value of loans to registered campaigners as at 26 June 2014 stood at £25,000.

Registered campaigners are limited as to how much they can spend during the formal ‘referendum period’ (which began on 30 May and runs until the close of poll on 18 September). Designated lead campaigners have a maximum spending limit of £1.5 million each. Other registered campaigners have a spending limit of £150,000.

Political parties are not required to submit pre-poll donation and loans reports to the Electoral Commission. The spending limits for political parties represented in the Scottish Parliament are:
  • Scottish National Party £1,344,000.
  • Scottish Labour Party £831,000.
  • Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party £399,000.
  • Scottish Liberal Democrats £204,000.
  • Scottish Green Party £150,000.