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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Conservative Voters Would Prefer Coalition With The Liberal Democrats Over a Minority Tory Government

Conservative voters would rather a repeat of the current Tory-Lib Dem coalition after 2015 than see the party try and go it alone as a minority government.

A Survation survey for The Huffington Post, published on today, found that in the event of a hung parliament a second Conservative-Lib Dem deal was preferred by Tory voters to one party minority rule by a margin of 53% to 37%.

Many also would rather David Cameron reject a second power sharing agreement and go it alone should he win more seats than Ed Miliband, but fall short of an overall majority.

The poll found that Labour voters were divided on the same question, with 40% preferring a Lib-Lab coalition and 41% preferring Miliband try and lead a minority Labour government.

The survey found that overall voters were not sold on coalitions. When asked, 39% of all those asked said they would choose a minority government. The poll revealed 21% would choose a Con-Lib Dem coalition, 19% would pick a Lib-Lab deal and 22% did not know.