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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Lib Dems will scrap Police and Crime Commissioners

The Liberal Democrats have said that Police and crime commissioners would be scrapped under their new manifesto proposals. The party has revealed plans to replace controversial commissioners which will debated at conference in Glasgow next month.

It comes amid calls for South Yorkshire Police Commissioner Shaun Wright to resign following the Rotherham child abuse scandal.

Commenting the Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson, Julian Huppert, said: "Our police should be more accountable and the body which oversees their work more democratic. At the moment there is little evidence police commissioners are performing the task adequately."

The pre-party's manifesto was published earlier this week and guarantees needed pursue the public's priorities on tackling crime by replacing commissioners. It instead puts forward plans to create police boards made up of councillors from across a force area with no need for fresh elections. A new West Midlands police commissioner was recently elected off the back of a near 10 per cent turn out on polling day.

Mr Huppert added: "We need a police watchdog which is more accountable to the public, not less."