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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sturgeon: "Yes has the momentum - but we must keep our eyes on the prize"

As polls today show a Yes vote is closer than ever, the SNP has pointed to findings showing a majority believe the referendum is "something we can be proud of." As a You Gov poll for the Sunday Times records the best result for Yes so far in the campaign at 51 per cent excluding don’t knows, Yes Scotland has published findings from a Panelbase poll which find an overwhelming majority of people in Scotland believe the referendum is something to be proud of – by 69 per cent to 15 per cent.

Support for independence among women is now virtually at the same level as support among men. The Panelbase poll found 47 per cent of women are voting Yes, while a Mumsnet poll of 1,000 women published today found support for Yes at 48 per cent amongst those planning to vote. Trust in the Yes campaign’s leading figures is also higher, with Mumsnet finding trust in Alex Salmond at 41 per cent - almost ten points higher than trust in Alistair Darling. The YouGov poll also found people trust the leaders of the Yes campaign more than all leaders of the No campaign.

Commenting on the developments, SNP deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon said: "This breakthrough poll shows support for Yes is growing across the country as more and more people wake up to the opportunity independence offers Scotland to build a fairer, more prosperous society. People on all sides agree that the referendum campaign has been overwhelmingly positive – energising political debate in Scotland and filling halls up and down the country as people gather to get the information they need to make up their mind."

"It is therefore extremely welcome that a majority of people believe we can be proud of the referendum – with 69 per cent of those polled by Panelbase agreeing this is the case, compared to just 15 per cent who disagree. It is also incredibly encouraging to see that more and more women are taking the decision to vote Yes – with the Mumsnet poll and Panelbase findings both finding support for independence among women at virtually the same level as men."

"Yes has the momentum – but there is work to do and we must ensure that between now and the 18 September we keep our eyes firmly on the prize and do all we can to make the case for Yes to as many people as possible across the country. Scotland is among the wealthiest countries in the world - but not enough people feel the benefits of that wealth. A Yes vote is our one opportunity to take Scotland’s future into Scotland’s hands – and the No campaign’s panicked, piecemeal offers of further powers fall far short of what is needed.”