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Monday, 29 December 2014

Schools to teach Magna Carta - Tristram Hunt

Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt has today called for a renewal of British politics so that young people are better able to thrive in the modern world, confident of British history and British values. 

Twenty fifteen sees both the eight hundredth anniversary of the Magna Carta and the seven hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Parliament. As preparations for these anniversaries get underway, Tristram Hunt says it's vital that "we renew our politics". Sixteen and seventeen year old in Scotland voted but did so amongst one of the most intense political debates we have seen. 

Mr Hunt argues that in a globalised, interdependent world, it is more important than ever that we are teaching political literacy, current affairs, human rights at the heart of curriculum. We've seen the problems when schools are too insular, too dogmatic, not preparing young people for the modern world.

Tristram Hunt, writing in an article for today's The Sun newspaper, said: "An incoming Labour government will update the citizenship curriculum to tell our story of freedom, give teachers the tools they need to explain the importance of 1215, and allow young people to register to vote at school."