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Monday, 12 January 2015

Cameron launches six themes at the heart of a Conservative manifesto

David Cameron has today launched the first of six themes at the heart of a Conservative manifesto which the Conservatives say is "to secure a better future for you, your family and Britain." In a speech today, the Prime Minister will say the first theme will be dealing with the deficit to make sure Britain is a country that lives within its means once again. Over the coming weeks, Mr Cameron will focus on the other themes to build a brighter future for Britain - covering areas including jobs, taxes, education, housing and retirement.

In each area, he will set out the clear commitments of the next Conservative Government; why they matter to everyone in our country; and why we must stick to the path we are on. In his speech today, the PM will say it is vital we do not leave a crippling legacy of debt our children and grandchildren could never hope to repay. Dealing with the deficit is crucial to make sure Britain can carry on investing in our hospitals, schools and strong public services – and cope with future shocks in the global economy.

He will make clear commitments to ensure Britain lives within its means:

  • Run a surplus so that we start paying down our debts and keep our economy secure 
  • Reduce spending and cut out waste instead of increasing taxes on working people 
  • Control the welfare budget so we save money and reward work 
  • Crack down on tax avoidance and ensure those who can afford to pay the most do 
  • Continue to increase spending on the NHS so everyone gets the care they need 
In his speech today, the Prime Minister said: "It’s election year, and the choice is clear: Chaos or competence……choosing the path to ruin or staying on the road to recovery. with the other parties, all you get is confusion. Uncosted plans. The spectre of more debt. The shadow of more taxes on your family, your home, your business.

With the Conservatives, you get the opposite. A strong and competent team…..a proven record…...and a long-term economic plan that is turning our country around. The goal of that plan can be summed up in a sentence. Securing a better future for you, your family and Britain. 

For everyone who wants to work, the security of a job and a regular wage.
For families, the financial security of lower taxes and keeping more of your own money.
For parents, the security of knowing your children are getting a decent education.

The security of having a home of your own – denied to too many for too long. 
And real dignity and security for those in retirement. These are the things that are on the ballot paper in May. In the coming weeks, I am going to set out the commitments of the next Conservative Government in each of these areas……on jobs, on taxes, on home-ownership, on education and retirement.

Britain living within its means: 

But I want to start today with the goal on which all these other things rest……and that is to get Britain back to living within its means. Conservatives know this. Nothing we want to achieve will be possible unless we eliminate our deficit and deal with our debts. The security of your family depends on the stability of our public finances. Your job, your home, the mortgage you pay……the schools your children go to, the hospital you go to when you’re ill, the streets we live on, the very stuff that makes life worthwhile in our country……all these things depend on sound public finances. We cannot overstate how important this is.

If we fail to meet this national challenge, the writing is on the wall. More borrowing – and all the extra debt interest that brings, meaning there is less money to spend on schools and hospitals and all the things we value as a country. 
More spending, and the higher taxes that will require – hardworking people thumped to pay for Government wastefulness. And higher interest rates too – punishing homeowners, hurting businesses, losing jobs. In short, economic chaos.

And this isn’t just about the straightforward economic arguments. It is about the values of this country……whether we as a nation are going to pass on a mountain of debt to the next generations that they could never hope to re-pay. To every mother, father, grandparent, uncle, aunt – I would ask this question. When you look at the children you love, do you want to land them with a legacy of huge debts?

Do you want to limit their future……to make life more difficult for their generation……because we refuse to do the right thing in our generation? I say we have a responsibility to act. We can get Britain back to living within our means in a way that is fair and sensible and secure.”