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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Chilcot findings must be published before election

The Scottish National Party is today calling for the publication of the Chilcot report into the causes of the war in Iraq as a matter of urgency and certainly before the general election on May 7th. 

It is now over five years since the Inquiry led by Sir John Chilcot started to take evidence from witnesses involved in the period leading up to the illegal invasion of Iraq – including Tony Blair who said in his first evidence session that he had ‘no regrets‘ about the war. The SNP say the publication of the Chilcot report is now all the more important now as Jim Murphy voted for the Iraq war.

Angus Robertson MP, the SNP’s Westminster Leader, commented: "It would be inconceivable to go into a General Election year still not knowing the findings of the Chilcot Inquiry. The case for its publication is now made all the more imperative given the Labour party in Scotland is led by a Westminster MP who voted for the Iraq war."

"The findings of this inquiry have been delayed and blocked disgracefully for five years. The people of Scotland and the UK as a whole deserve to know the truth about how Westminster and Tony Blair’s Labour Government operated in the lead up to this terrible war before they cast their vote next May and we must have full publication before then."

"The invasion is estimated to have cost the lives of up to at least 120,000 innocent civilians – and there were almost 5,000 coalition military fatalities, including almost 200 military deaths among UK forces personnel. The Iraq War cost the MoD more than £8 billion. The illegal invasion and war in Iraq was a disgrace. People deserve full disclosure about how Westminster operated in the lead up to this disastrous war."