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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Lib Dem election team announced

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has announced his Liberal Democrat General Election Cabinet. The Liberal Democrat Leader said his team would fight to build the stronger economy and fairer society Britain needs - one with opportunity for everyone at its heart. He said the Lib Dem election team would stand up for the liberal values of openness, tolerance and compassion in the face of those who peddle grievance, fear and blame.

Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg said: "This is a Liberal Democrat Cabinet that will fight every day for the stronger economy and fairer society this country needs - where everyone has the opportunity to get on in life. This talented front bench have shown both inside government and beyond that they stand for a liberal Britain - one of openness, tolerance and compassion. This is a team that will never pander to the politics of grievance, fear and blame but instead work every day to keep Britain anchored in the centre ground. Over the coming months, they will prove that the Lib Dems are the only party that can balance the budget, cut taxes for 30 million people, invest in health and education and protect our environment."

General Election Coordinator Paddy Ashdown added: In government we’ve proved our commitment to a stronger economy by halving the budget deficit, helping business create 1.8 million jobs and creating two million apprenticeships. We’ve also shown we care about a fairer society by cutting income tax for the lowest paid, helping struggling school kids and capping the cost of social care. If in Government after the General Election this team will finish the job and make sure Britain doesn’t lurch to the Right or Left. We all know Labour are a risk to the economy and the Tories will cut too much, threatening the NHS and sacrificing the least well off. This Liberal Democrat Cabinet would balance the budget by 2018, cut taxes for low and middle earners and ensure decent public services, creating opportunity for everyone.”

Election Campaign Team 2015

  • Local and General Election Coordinator - Paddy Ashdown 
  • Deputy Local and General Election Coordinator - Olly Grender
  • Deputy Leader of the Parliamentary Party - Malcolm Bruce 
  • Party President - Sal Brinton
  • Chair of Diversity Engagement Group - Navnit Dholakia

Liberal Democrat General Election Cabinet
  • Leader of the Liberal Democrats - Nick Clegg
  • Treasury - Danny Alexander
  • Home Affairs - Lynne Featherstone
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs - Tim Farron
  • Business, Innovation and Skills - Vince Cable
  • Energy and Climate Change - Ed Davey
  • Defence - Nick Harvey
  • Transport - Susan Kramer
  • Women, Equalities & Families - Jo Swinson
  • Europe – Mike Moore
  • Education - David Laws
  • Health - Norman Lamb
  • Work and Pensions - Steve Webb
  • Communities and Local Government - Stephen Williams
  • Older people, Ageing and Care – Paul Burstow
  • Environment, Food and Rural Affairs - Dan Rogerson
  • International Development - Martin Horwood
  • Culture, Media and Sport - John Leech
  • Scotland - Alistair Carmichael
  • Wales - Jenny Randerson
  • Northern Ireland - Lorely Burt
  • Justice and Attorney General - Simon Hughes
  • Leader of the House of Commons and Minister for London - Tom Brake
  • Constitutional & Political Reform, Leader of the House of Lords - Jim Wallace
  • Chief Whip in the House of Commons - Don Foster
  • Chief Whip in the House of Lords - Dick Newby
  • Parliamentary Private Secretary to the DPM - Simon Wright