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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

UK on track to be the fastest growing economy in G7

GDP figures for Q4 released this morning shows that Britain's economy is growing, although growth has slowed since since Q3. The Quarterly growth of 0.5 per cent puts the UK in pole position to be the fastest growing economy in 2015. The Liberal Democrats say they have anchored the coalition government's economic policy in the centre ground.

The Liberal Democrats say that in government they have driven through a host of, what they call, Lib dem inspired measures including income tax cuts for millions of working people, cutting the deficit fairly, boosting apprenticeships and investing in regional and local projects to rebalance the economy.

A Lib Dem spokesman commenting said: "Today's figures represent solid progress, especially with many of our key markets still suffering from economic problems. With the country on the right track, a lurch to the right with the Tories or to the left with Labour has never posed a greater danger to our economic recovery."