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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Greens blast Cameron for punishing rather than helping young people

The Greens have criticised Tory proposals for 18-21 year old who have been ‘NEET’ for six months prior to claiming benefits will be required to do community work right from the start of their claim. As proposals designed to "punish" the most vulnerable young people in society when they need the opposite with getting 'help' back 'into work'. 

Green spokesman Dave Cocozza told me that: "Once again, the Conservative party have abandoned thousands of young people and have come up with plans that punish rather than help people into work." 

Mr Cocozza told me that the Conservative party's approach "doesn't address any of the root causes of youth unemployment" saying that Conservative ideology "simply says 'if you're young, you'd better be doing something'."

Turning to what help the Greens say young people need, Dave Cocozza told me "We need to do more to create sustainable, rewarding jobs and we also need to do more to encourage young people to find rewarding careers, or furthering their career prospects or themselves in education, and ensure that those that find themselves in poverty are effectively helped out of it - not by forcing them into a job or a community role they may not necessarily enjoy doing, just so they can get the extra financial help they need."

Mr Cocozza also told me that: "Rising youth unemployment is an issue, but the Conservatives will not work for young people in mind" Saying Conservative ideology "will continue to protect the interests of the 1%, whilst everyone else continues to suffer under austerity."