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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Councillor quits Labour and becomes Respect PPC

New Labour have breached all of its fundamental principles, according to a prominent member who has resigned and become the Respect parliamentary candidate for Halifax. Asama Javed, a sitting Bradford councillor who has joined George Galloway’s Respect party, claims that the party that she has campaigned for since she was a teenager has lost all of the principles that made her join. 

"I don’t feel as if I’ve left the party, rather the party has left me," she said. "I cannot be a member of an organisation that breaches all its fundamental principles. There is no fairness, no equality and no justice in the party I haveserved since I was a teenager. I am Old Labour and always will be."

Commenting on the news Respect leader George Galloway said: “It’s a major coup for Respect in the run-up to this election to have someone of the prestige and intellectual firepower of Asama joining us. She wowed an audience in Halifax a few days ago and she will, I’m sure, wow the electorate. I listened to that speech and thought, ‘a new star is born’. And like her I’m Old Labour and always will be. It’s political kismet.”