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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Half London Green candidates are women

The Co-Chairs of the London Green Party have today stated their “immense pride” as the Green party unveiled that half of their general election candidates will be women. The diverse list also includes the country’s first ever 'out' trans man to stand for parliament, Charlie Kiss, candidate for Islington South & Finsbury, and a huge mix of ages ranging from 19 to over 70.

Caroline Allen, Co-Chair of the London Green Party said: "I am immensely proud and excited to chair a party doing all it can to improve the diversity of politics in Britain. For me personally, one of the driving factors that led me into politics was the desire to do something to help improve the representation of women in parliament. We currently have a situation where less than one in four MPs in this country are women. It is shameful that in the 21st century we still essentially have a large group of men making decisions on behalf of women. This has to end. It is the Green Party’s commitment to furthering the representation of women in politics that led me to become a member and I am delighted that here in London Greens are leading the way in ensuring voters aren’t just forced to choose between the same old grey suits when they go to the polls this May. The fight for equality begins at the ballot box."

Charlie Kiss, Green Party candidate for Islington South & Finsbury and the first out trans man to stand for parliament said: "Being the first trans man to stand for parliament is quite a responsibility. I transitioned over a decade ago but as I have become more party politically engaged. I have realised that it is important not to hide this and to increase awareness of trans issues as trans people are a much marginalised minority. In running for election I am not only, however, standing up for the rights of trans people. I'm standing to represent all of those struggling on low pay, grappling with rising housing costs, or worried about the threat of climate change - anyone, in fact, who believes in the need to build a fairer and more equal society. That's what the Greens are fighting for across the country and it's why I'm proud to have been selected as a Green candidate here in my home city of London."

Tom Chance, Co-Chair of the London Green Party and parliamentary candidate for Lewisham West and Penge said: "Of course our work doesn’t stop here. One area that we know we still need to improve is the representation of ethnic and minority communities amongst our candidates. The Green Party is committed to standing up for the rights and concerns of these communities but we need to ensure we’re not only doing that through our policies but in the way we do politics as well. Every election we are making progress but we want to reach a point where we’re achieving the same record on minority ethnic representation as we’re now proudly achieving on gender."