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Friday, 13 March 2015

NHA party to hold 'Operation NHS' event in Peckham

Residents of Camberwell and Peckham ​in South London ​ might well wonder why they're being asked to perform operations on Saturday...

...It's part of an attempt to highlight what the NHA party say are the dangers of letting private companies take a slice of our NHS. 

National Health Action Party candidate Rebecca Fox will be setting up the classic children's board game Operation at three locations across the constituency - Burgess Park, King’s College Hospital and Peckham.

Her creative 'election stunt' couldn't be more relevant. Just yesterday, the biggest-ever NHS privatisation deal was agreed, involving private companies who have been heavily criticised for providing poor quality of care in hospitals and care homes.

What the NHA party are calling "Operation NHS" will take place Saturday 14 March 10am-12noon the three venues are:
  • Burgess Park - near the entrance to the park on Camberwell Road
  • Camberwell - outside King’s College Hospital entrance on Denmark Hill
  • Peckham - Peckham Space near Peckham Library 
Rebecca Fox, the NHA Party's prospective parliamentary candidate for Camberwell and Peckham says : "We’re asking local people to join us for a game of Operation, a race against the clock to take out organs without causing a major blunder. It’s a fun way to highlight the very serious dangers of private companies delivering clinical services. Do they have what it takes to perform delicate surgery? Will they have better success rates than Vanguard Healthcare, whose contract with Taunton Hospital was cancelled after only four days as complications from eye surgery soared to 10 times the NHS average?”

“Of course, however the operation turns out, our participants will get a reward. This is just like our new NHS, where private companies are paid regardless of complication rates, and often regardless of whether the surgery was even carried out. Anyone can take part in Operation NHS - come join us and find out more about the effects of privatisation on our health services."