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Monday, 16 March 2015

Tottenham Tories say 'vote Lib Dem'

The chair of the Tottenham Tories, Justin Hinchcliffe, has written to Conservative supporters in Hornsey & Wood Green asking them to vote for Liberal Democrat Home Office Minister Lynne Featherstone. This is due to the Tories having no hope of beating her or winning a Commons majority and in order to keep Labour out of the constituency and thereby depriving them of a gain.

In his letter Mr Hinchcliffe said Tory supporters in Hornsey and Wood Green face "a tough choice" at the election. "Do we stick with narrow party loyalties or do what is best for Britain?" He warned that if the Ms Featherstone lost her seat, Labour would win it. "To put it bluntly, if Lynne loses in Hornsey and Wood Green, Ed Miliband is another step closer to being Britain’s next Prime Minister."

As a national party, the Tories will field a, paper, candidate but no-one expects him to win. Mr Hinchcliffe said "I can assure you that you can vote for Lynne with a good conscience." In his letter he praised the way Ms Featherstone has worked with the Tories in government, as a minister, rather than sitting "on the sidelines as part of awkward squad".

Justine Hinchcliffe's letter urging Tories to vote Lib Dem