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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Lib Dems accuse the Tories of 'misleading' the public

The Lib Dems have today accused the Tories of trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the British public by saying they will stay the course when in fact the Tory plans drastically depart from the direction set out by the Coalition Government.

The Tories have set out new plans, the Lib Dems say 'to cut further and for longer than necessary'. The Lib Dems also say the Tories are refusing to get the wealthiest in society to pay their fair share. The party also say the Tories consistently refuse to come clean on their plans for £12bn of cuts.

The Liberal Democrats say they have set out a plan that, they say, stays the course following the plans set out by the Coalition in 2010. They claim they will cut £50bn less than the Tories and borrow £70bn less than Labour. The Lib Dems say their plan to balance the books by 2017/18 in a fair way is the only plan which really delivers on the hard work done over the last five years to rescue our economy.

A Lib Dem spokesman commenting said: "Both the Conservatives and Labour are veering from the path. The Liberal Democrats will borrow less than Labour and cut less than the Tories. It is clear only the Liberal Democrats can ensure the next government will build both a stronger economy and a fairer society."