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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Lib Dems launch BAME mini-manifesto

The Liberal Democrats have set out plans to outlaw caste discrimination, overhaul stop and search powers and tackle the BAME pay gap. The announcement comes as the party releases its BAME mini-manifesto.

Other measures outlined in the document include:
  • Building on the coalition's BAME Access to Finance report to identify ways to encourage more BAME applicants to apply for finance and set up small businesses.
  • Encouraging businesses to ensure at least one place on their board is filled by a BAME candidate.
  • Maintain funding for people to develop and improve English language skills to enable them to fulfill their potential.
  • Challenge discrimination in the criminal justice system by boosting police recruitment from BAME groups and conducting a full review of the causes of the over-representation of BAME individuals in the criminal justice system. 

Announcing the mini-manifesto Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said: "Liberal Democrats believe that no matter who you are, where you come from and whatever your circumstances, you should have the opportunity to fulfil you potential. I am proud that Britain today is an open, tolerant country. Our culture and economy is stronger as a result of the diverse range of people who have chosen to make their home here. By giving everyone the opportunity to get on in life, we can ensure a competitive economy and fair society that draws on everyone’s talents."

"As the mini-manifesto sets out, the Liberal Democrats will ensure that our liberal commitment to equality runs through every policy area." Mr Clegg added.