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Monday, 27 April 2015

Nicola Sturgeon accuses the main UK parties of treating the voters with contempt

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today hailed this election campaign as "the people's election", as she challenged the Westminster parties to respect the decision of voters in Scotland, regardless of what it is. Following a week of what she called "ridiculous hyperbole and hysteria", Ms Sturgeon accused Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians of "treating voters with contempt" by inferring that they will refuse to respect the outcome of the election if it does not support their partisan self-interest.

Speaking ahead of a visit to Kilmarnock as the campaign entered the final 10 days, she said that parties and politicians who tried to deny voters in Scotland their choice and who used the politics of fear and division to win votes would turn the public off - and demonstrated why people do not want to trust the Westminster parties with a majority.

Commenting the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said: "As we enter the final ten days of the election campaign, it is clear that the Westminster parties have hit the panic button. Instead of embracing the multi-party election that the public want, Labour and the Tories are clinging to the idea that they are entitled to a majority in Westminster - which every poll indicates isn't going to happen.The reality is that this is the people’s election, and voters do not appear to trust either party with a majority. The SNP is being open and honest about our position, that we will work to keep the Tories out and to keep Labour honest. Labour would never be forgiven if they let the Tories back in in preference to working with the SNP."

Ms Sturgeon continued: "The support and enthusiasm from voters in all parts of the UK for the different approach to politics and the end to austerity that the SNP is putting forward shows the growing distrust of the Tories, Lib Dems and Labour. And while others are campaigning on fear and division, we are setting out policies that support the NHS – across the whole of the UK, that would help those in poverty wherever they live, support women and young people, and that back business in all parts of the UK."

"The SNP is campaigning to win the support of the people of Scotland in order to make Scotland stronger at Westminster, to end the cuts, to invest in jobs, and to protect our vital public services. Those Westminster politicians who have chosen to engage in the politics of negativity - and who are seeking to deny Scottish MPs their democratic rights in the House of Commons - are doing the public across the UK a deep disservice." Nicola Sturgeon added.