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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Plaid will fight for Wales in tonight's debate

Wales is on the UK political agenda because of Plaid Cymru’s strong performance in the national television debates and Leanne Wood has said as she prepared to face the voices of Westminster in Wales in an ITV Wales television debate.

The party leader said that Wales will only stay on the political agenda after the election if Plaid Cymru has a strong representation of MPs in Westminster to make Wales matter.

The Party of Wales leader Leanne Wood said: “In tonight’s debate the London parties face a choice. Will they join Team Wales, or will they form Team Westminster? I have been clear that Plaid Cymru will work with any progressive forces to end austerity, rebalance power and wealth throughout the UK and deliver fairer funding for Wales." 

Ms Wood continued: "Tonight is the Establishment parties’ chance to tell the people of Wales if they will join me in championing Wales. Plaid Cymru has made sure that Wales is on the UK agenda during this debate, but we can only make sure we stay on that UK radar after this election if we have a strong representation of Plaid Cymru MPs in Westminster."

"For too long Wales has been overlooked as the poor relation in the family of nations. Only Plaid Cymru will make Wales matter." Leanne Wood added.

The debate is at 21:00 ITV1 (Wales/Cymru)