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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Sturgeon an inquiry needed into false claims

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has today said she will be writing to the head of the UK Civil Service, Sir Jeremy Heywood, following the publication of details of a UK Government memo on her recent meeting with the French Ambassador.

The First Minister said: "This story has already been shown to be 100 per cent untrue – having been comprehensively rejected by both the French Ambassador and Consul General. The real issue is how a second hand and inaccurate account of this meeting – which was not even attended by the UK government – came to be written by a UK Government civil servant and then leaked to Tory-supporting newspapers at the start of a General Election campaign.

“It suggests a Whitehall system out of control – a place where political dirty tricks are manufactured and leaked. And the Foreign Office now appears to be denying the very existence of such a document. I am therefore writing to the head of the UK civil service, Sir Jeremy Heywood, requesting an urgent inquiry into the circumstances of such a false account being leaked for transparently political motives.”

The SNP also point to the fact that France’s Consul General in Scotland, Pierre-Alain Coffinier, who was at the meeting with the First Minister, was interviewed today on skynews and made it clear the claims are untrue.