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Friday, 1 May 2015

Miliband gaffe will galvanise SNP support

As Nicola Sturgeon continues her campaigning tour of Scotland, the SNP Leader has said that the people of Scotland uniting to elect a big group of SNP MPs will give Scotland the strong voice it needs at Westminster. Ms Sturgeon said that last night's revelation by Ed Miliband that he would rather let the Tories back into government than work with the SNP to keep them out would galvanise more people to vote SNP - to give Scotland a decisive position in the House of Commons. The First Minister will today make campaign stops in East Lothian, Dundee and Fife as she takes the SNP’s message to communities around the country.

Commenting, Nicola Sturgeon said: "If the opinion polls in recent days have made anything clear, it is that Scotland has an unrivalled opportunity to make our voice heard at Westminster like never before. By uniting as a country - north, south, east and west - to elect a big group of SNP MPs, Scotland gains the decisive position at Westminster needed to ensure that the interests of people across Scotland are not ignored in the way they too often have been in the past. Everyone can be part of it, and all of Scotland stands to benefit."

Seizing on Mr Miliband's comments, Ms Sturgeon said: "Ed Miliband's disastrous revelation that he would rather let the Tories back in than work with the SNP to keep them out will galvanise even more people to vote SNP. Already, more than half a million people who voted Labour at the last General Election are journeying to voting SNP next Thursday. Ed Miliband has allowed his campaign to be be dictated and pushed around by the Tories south of the border - and Labour will pay a heavy price in Scotland. His extraordinary remarks make it even more important that Scotland unites to elect a big group of MPs to give Scotland a decisive position at Westminster, and lock the Tories out."

Saying why she think Scots should vote for the SNP Nicola Sturgeon said: "SNP MPs will lead from the front when it comes to opposing cuts and protecting the NHS that means so much to people all over Scotland and across the UK - in contrast to the Westminster establishment parties that are signed up to billions of pounds of further austerity cuts. The SNP are the only party that can genuinely say we are winning support from across the whole of Scotland, and we are working hard to win the trust of people all across Scotland on polling day. As positive as the polls are, we are taking absolutely nothing for granted. The SNP will always stand up for Scotland, and on the 7th of May we have the opportunity to ensure that the needs of all of Scotland's communities are heard more loudly and clearly at Westminster than ever before.