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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Nick Clegg starts 1000 mile UK tour

The Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg will take his party's battle bus on a marathon 1,000 mile, two day dash taking in seats from Lands End to John O'Groats as Polling Day draws closer. Mr Clegg will make a final pitch for a stronger economy and a fairer society across the UK from South West England to North East Scotland.

Nick Clegg at Land's End, this morning

Mr Clegg will highlight, what he says is, the choice facing voters as the “biggest political decision of your lives”, with a hung parliament now a certainty on May 8. He will tell voters they have 48hrs to keep Britain on track by voting Liberal Democrat and not allowing the Tories or Labour to lurch off to the extremes of left or right.

He said: "The stakes could not be higher on Thursday. Our economic recovery is at risk. Our shared British values of tolerance, generosity and respect for others, are under threat. And our United Kingdom could be pulled apart. Everybody knows no one is going to win this election outright – even if David Cameron and Ed Miliband won’t admit it."

Emphasising what he says is the choice on Thursday: "So, what really matters is who they have by their side. Ask yourself this: Do you want Nigel Farage walking through the door of No 10? Do you want Alex Salmond sat at the cabinet table? Or do you want me and the Liberal Democrats?”

Along the route Nick Clegg will tell voters that a vote for his party is a vote for stability because only the Lib Dems can provide a strong coalition government.  He will contrast, what he says is, his optimistic vision for Britain with the dangerous alternatives of a minority Labour government, propped up by the SNP, that will borrow too much, and a minority Conservative administration, backed by UKIP and the DUP, that will cut too much.

On Tuesday the battle bus will motor through Lib Dem seats starting in St Ives, via stop-offs in Somerset, Cardiff and Solihull. Nick Clegg will then continue heading north on Wednesday, dropping in on campaign teams in Cumbria, Glasgow, Inverness, John O’Groats before finishing his tour back in Sheffield.