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Monday, 15 June 2015

Greens call on Lancashire council to 'reject fracking'

The Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has this afternoon called on Lancashire County councillors to “consider the strength of opposition to fracking” when they make a final decision next week on whether to allow energy firm Cuadrilla to begin fracking near Blackpool.

Lancashire County Council officers have today recommended that Cuadrilla’s planning application to extract shale gas at Little Plumpton be approved, but has recommended an application to frack at Roseacre Wood be refused. Community groups across Lancashire have voiced strong concerns about increased pollution, noise and traffic that could affect the area if fracking goes ahead.

Commenting Natalie Bennett said: "It is disappointing that Lancashire County Council officers have recommended approval for one of the two proposed fracking sites, but this is only a technical judgment, which will anyway be open to challenge. The actual decision will be made by elected councillors next week."

Continuing Ms Bennett said: "I would urge them to consider the strength of opposition to fracking in the surrounding communities, and around the country - which polls have demonstrated have only grown as the public has learnt more about extreme energy extraction."

"I will be joining what will I am sure be huge protests against fracking outside the council meeting. I would urge everyone who wants our government to not just talk about climate change, but actually take the actions necessary to cut emissions, to join me." Natalie Bennett added.

Natalie Bennett will attend a protest outside Lancashire County Council’s planning meeting on Wednesday 24 June, alongside groups including Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth.