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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Dugdale can work with Tories but not Jeremy Corbyn

Commenting on the latest attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, the SNP have challenged Labour front-benchers to explain why they were happy to work alongside the Tories during the referendum campaign, but cannot contemplate working with someone from their own party who had been chosen by the Labour membership.

As reported today, candidate for the leadership in Scotland Kezia Dugdale has slammed UK leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn – claiming that he lacks the credentials to be Prime Minister and would leave Labour ‘carping from the sidelines’. This follows reports over the weekend that 8 members of Labour’s Shadow Cabinet – including Shadow Chancellor Chris Leslie – have indicated that they would not serve under Jeremy Corbyn.

This comes as Ken Macintosh – who is also running for the Labour leadership in Scotland – warned senior Labour figures to “back off and let the members decide” as their attacks on Mr Corbyn intensify. Mr Macintosh also repeated his claims to have had the Labour “party machine” in Scotland operating against him.

Commenting, SNP MSP Linda Fabiani said: "People in Scotland will be puzzled as to why Labour front-benchers who were happy to work hand-in-glove with the Tories during the referendum campaign are now saying they would refuse to work with one of their own MPs – even if he had been democratically chosen as leader by the Labour rank-and-file."

Ms Fabiani continued: "The fact that they seem more comfortable with the politics of the Tories than those of Mr Corbyn totally sums up the gulf between those at the top of the Labour hierarchy and ordinary working people. Rather than focussing on fighting the Tories, Labour are content to fight amongst themselves while meekly acquiescing to the Tory’s cuts agenda at Westminster.

"While Labour continues to look inward, the SNP is leading the opposition to the Tory government and its ideological assault on the poorest people in society – which is why more and more people in Scotland are putting their trust in us as we approach next year’s Scottish Parliament election and are rejecting Labour in their droves." Linda Fabiani added.