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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Greens support London Underground strike

London Underground bosses could have prevented today’s strike over night tube safety, staffing and pay concerns, says the Green Party. The Green Party say they want tube management to listen to workers’ worries about the upcoming service in order to prevent future strike action and stands with the striking workers.

Caroline Russell, the party’s Local Transport spokesperson says that the party is urging both sides to continue talking to minimise future disruption.

Cllr Russell said: "Tube management could have prevented this strike had it taken on board staff concerns. These strikes are a last resort for workers seriously worried about issues of safety, staffing and pay and the union has been quite clear that is willing to continue talking. Let’s hope that management engages with them to prevent further closure of the tube."

"We appreciate that many people will be inconvenienced this week, but we know that workers have been backed into an impossible situation. They have our full support and we hope they are able to reach a resolution soon." Caroline Russell added.