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Friday, 6 January 2017

We need a Free Press Mrs May - its a no brainer

Remember those expenses cheating crooks, sorry I mean Members of Parliament. Remember a certain UKIP MEP was being investigated for trousering £2m in "allowances". Remember major celebrities dipping there wick with someone that wasn't there wives. Remember the murderers of Stephen Lawrence walking free but a national newspaper branded them murderers?

But if Max Mosley and his rich friends have their way you wont hear about these scandals again, Even murderers like those who murdered Stephen Lawrence would be safe. Well you will see it here and with Guido, the Canary and so on but Mosley and his friend's plan is to silence the papers.

Mosley is driven by revenge, the press found out about his fetish and because of his famous black-shirted, fascist, relative sexed it up to include fascist connotations, now they shouldn't have done the latter but his visit to the S&M club happened and he wants to stop that being reported despite him at the time being in the public eye as the head of Formula One motor racing. So the visit was in the public interest.

The Mail branded the murderers of Stephen Lawrence as "MURDERERS" adding "If we're wrong, you can sue us" - the front page is famous. Funnily enough the racist murderers didn't sue mainly as they were as guilty as hell and are now behind bars, but Mosley's section 40 would have prevented that front page

In 2008 the Telegraph got hold of disks which showed MPs were trousering millions in expenses, now it wasn't their fault it was the system. But we all remember the duck houses, the bath plug, even Tom Watson's pizza wheel. However under Mosley's section 40 you wouldn't know about it, MPs would still be taking every penny they could get away with thanks to a free press they can't.

Recently we heard about 'Jim the washing machine repair man' Jim, or as he's better known Keith Vaz MP, liked to get class A drugs and have sex parties with rent boys. The second bit is irrelevant, the first bit was important as he was chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee. Although under Mosley's section 40 it would never have come out.

And section 40 wont only affect the national papers, The local papers will be crushed too, forced to comply with Mosley's section 40. I class myself as a Liberal although I report fairly and in now 5 years have had very few complaints. I am appalled that the Liberal Democrats could vote for this gagging law in 2013, there is nothing liberal or democratic about it!

In a free democracy a free press is a must. I would benefit from section 40 going through as I wouldn't face the regulation of the papers but I will fight against it and I hope you will fight it too. Whatever the papers say whether you agree or not, the papers have to be free to report, investigate and even more importantly hold public figures to account for their actions.

This, we're constantly reminded is Britain, its a free democracy - well for a free democracy there has to be a free press, leave them alone Mrs May and whip Conservative MPs to repeal Max Mosley's pernicious section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act 2013. In a free country a free press is a given, if the press aren't free - it wont be long till the country isn't either.