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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

BBC class porn as a suitable subject for Newsbeat

The BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat has bought porn up as a mainstream career choice. Newsbeat which is aimed at children to young adults. UK porn star Gemma Massey answered questions from young people on how she got into porn. 

She was also asked how much she gets paid - where she pointed out she's the highest paid porn star in the UK and if she wants things like plastic surgery its all done for her. She also boasted about being able to get new house and car if she wants it, really making it sound to a young and impressionable person that it is a glamorous job. 

This isn't an attack on Gemma Massey as until about 5 minutes ago I'd not heard of her and it is up to her what she does with her body. However the BBC should explain why they thought this was a suitable subject for children and they should also explain why they left in an answer glamorising porn as a career.

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