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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Yes Ed it is just like the 1980s

Although Ed Miliband didn't really slip up at PMQs today it wasn't a good performance from him. He lacks any real personality, he makes little or no impact. It once said pinning down Tony Blair was like nailing a jelly to the wall but with Ed the jelly is stuck to the wall and all Mr Cameron has to do is bash away at him. PMQs isn't a contest at the moment.

Ed hectored "its just like the 1980s" I was a little surprised the Dave didn't pick up on this and turn it around on Ed. Yes there is a right wing Tory-led government like in the 1980s. Yes there have been inner city riots in England like in the 1980s. Yes unemployment is going up, interest rates are up, inflation higher than it was when they came in. All like the 1980s. There is also another similarity with the 1980s. There is an incompetent, unelectable Labour leader as well. So all in all Mr Miliband has called this one right, although when it comes to Dave, he's no Mrs Thatcher. She had more balls and is more man than he'll ever be.

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