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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Could unemployment be an "own goal" for Ed?

PMQs Order paper

1, Mr Laurence Robertson: If he will list his official engagements for wednesday 18th January
2, Stephen Phillips
3, Miss Anne Mackintosh
4, Mr David Hamilton
5, Catherine McKinnell
6, Karen Lumley
7, Tessa Munt
8, Andrew Rosindell
9, Nick Smith
10, Charlotte Leslie: What recent assessment he has made of the effect of the European Working Time Directive on (a) doctors' training and (b) patients care within the NHS.
11, David Rutley
12, Jim Sheridan 
13, Richard Graham
14, Gavin Barwell
15, Aiden Burley 

With unemployment rising today it would normally be an obvious choice for the Leader of the Opposition. However with the current leadership problems that Ed Miliband is having, would David Cameron be able to resist making jokes about Ed should added to the list and other "flashman-esk" jokes.

Mr Miliband didn't do well last week, the backbenches were very quiet when he was questioning the Prime Minister. The Commons at PMQs is a bear pit and Mr Miliband needs to seriously buck his ideas up. When the Tories lost in 1997 they had no chance of winning in 2001. They didn't move against Hague as he was good at PMQs. Iain Duncan Smith was in the same situation as Hague but useless at it and was forced out. 

Also it is interesting to see sacked PPS Aiden Burley is on the order paper, expecting a lot of noise from the Labour side when he is called. One thing we all know will happen is the Speaker will interrupt to often and annoy MPs and viewers. 

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