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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Thatcher's cabinet defeat Dave over Welfare Reform

The government have suffered a massive defeat in the Lords tonight, the vote was 270 - 128. It was a Tory-led rebellion in response to the coalition's attempts to bring in a £100 charge for single parents to chase up absent parents.

This government's stupidity is unbelievable! If they want to charge why don't hit the absent parent who is refusing to voluntarily for the payment.

The rebellion was led by the last Tory Lord Chancellor Lord Mackay. Former Chancellor Lord Lawson, Former Chancellor & Foreign Secretary Lord Howe, former Home Secretary Leon Brittain and former Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington are amongst the rebels.

So a policy opposed by members of the most rightwing, obnoxious and downright nasty government this country has ever had are opposed to this policy as unfair - time to think again Dave!

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