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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Labour Councillor in Thatcher death storm

Labour Councillor for the Westerhope Ward in Newcastle, Linda Hobson, has triggered outraged on twitter when she tweeted: "Just put news on to see Thatcher - for a brief minute I celebrated her death - until reality struck - if only." A number of tweeters supporting all parties and none reacted with anger condemning Ms Hobson's comment. As Ms Hobson has decided to delete her tweet rather than apologise a screen capture was done before hand

The offending tweet by Linda Hobson

The Conservative MP for Corby Louise Mensch said "It would be good for @Ed_Miliband to show some leadership and simply say that wishing death on anyone does not conform to Labour values and it is not acceptable from elected Lab officials. One day that great woman will in fact die. What will Labour's public face be then?".

Other tweeters have been contacting other senior Labour figures including, Harriet Harman, Ed Balls and Labour leader of Newcastle City Council Nick Forbes for comments about Ms Hobson. It is clear that Ms Hobson should be kicked out of the Labour party for this behaviour but Mr Miliband, Ms Harman and Cllr Forbes or their offices are yet to issue a comment.