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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Labour PPC turns on Livingstone

Labour candidate for Thirsk and Malton at the last general election, Jonathan Roberts, has written an open letter to Labour List criticising Ken Livingstone. Mr Roberts blasted Livingstone and his apparatchiks saying "Your supporters will say I’m disloyal to the Labour Party, but don’t seem to mind you campaigning against our candidate in Tower Hamlets". 

In fact on the comments section on Labour List Michael Thomas posted "Ken is a legend, and in my opinion the letter writer on here should be expelled from the party" and in separate post he continued "And so should all those here that agree with him, some would say traitors."

Mr Roberts continued his criticism of the former Mayor saying: "Your supporters cheered you when you called tax avoiders “rich bastards”, but they don’t seem to mind the £50,000 you have allegedly avoided yourself. Your supporters criticise Boris Johnson as a “part time Mayor” for churning out a weekly article for the Telegraph, but they don’t seem to mind that you were an MP and a writer for the Independent during substantial parts of your own Mayoral tenure."

Mr Roberts didn't stop there criticising Mr Livingstone as "a man who has made so many anti-west comments that Iranian state television gave him his own TV show". Mr Roberts confirming he wont be voting in May, as we live in a democracy that is his choice. Mr Roberts concluded his letter with "I won’t be supporting you because yours don’t match them either. I love Labour, but more importantly I love London and my country. I do not think you are good for either."

In conclusion it is hard to see Livingstone attracting floating voters to support him when even Labour supporters and Parliamentary candidates hold him in such contempt.