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Friday, 13 April 2012

Former MP backs Siobhan Benita for Mayor

The former BBC war correspondent and former Independent MP for Tatton Martin Bell has called on voters to back independent candidate, for mayor of London, Siobhan Benita on May 3rd. Mr Bell who famously swept to office in Tatton in 1997 an election campaign which included the famous battle of Knutsford Heath:

the infamous battle of Knutsford Heath

Mr Bell on backing Siobhan Benita said "The growing success of Siobhan Benita's campaign has been remarkable and well deserved. It reminds us that politics belongs to the people and not to the parties. She is both Independent and electable and deserves our support" 

Mr Bell isn't the only high profile supporter of Ms Benita actor Tom Conti who nearly ran as the Conservative candidate in 2008 has said "I support Siobhan running to be an independent mayor. She's an interesting candidate and should be taken seriously. It would be very good to have a mayor who wasn't from a political party". continuing Mr Conti said "I'd like to see her go head to head with Boris and Ken in a TV debate". 

Ms Benita is currently barred from the main debates, which do include Jenny Jones for the Greens despite her being on around only 3% in the polls. So despite Siobhan Benita getting more high profile by the minute, endorsements and even odds closing with the bookies, the broadcasters are only allowing the main parties real airtime. 

Ms Benita has been relegated to debating alongside the lunatic fringe candidates, namely Lawrence Webb the UKIP candidate and Carlos Cortiglia from the BNP or in the case of Newsnight given thirty seconds following a forty five minute debate with the main four candidates.