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Monday, 23 April 2012

Poll shows its to close to call between Boris & Ken

The latest YouGov poll shows that the gap between Boris and Ken is just two points not only on first but second preferences as well. Mr Johnson leads on first preferences 43/41 and on second preferences 51/49. Now polling companies all use a margin of error of plus or minus two percent so the result could be 53/47 which would be the best result for Boris or it could be 49/51 which would see Ken Livingstone re-elected to City Hall. The first preference poll in full:

Boris Johnson 43% -2
Ken Livingstone 41% +1
Brian Paddick 8% +1
Siobhan Benita 3% +1
Lawrence Webb 3% (n/c)
Jenny Jones 2
% (n/c)
Carlos Cortiglia 0% -1

This poll shows now that the Green party candidate, Jenny Jones, should not be taking part in the tv debates. Having been on all of them with the exception of the Skynews debate, Ms Jones has been given equal coverage with Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone and Brian Paddick. However her poll rating is flat lining on just two percent.

Lawrence Webb the UKIP candidate is holding onto his three percent in the polls but unlike Jenny Jones he's been excluded from the debates he remains one percent ahead of her. The BNP's Carlos Cortiglia has crashed to zero, now the BNP will get votes but not enough to be classed as one percent. The Independent candidate Siobhan Benita continues to fight against the odds and continuing to rise in the polls. Coming from nowhere to, joint, fourth place in the polls is a stunning result for Mrs Benita. 

Speaking to the Politico Daily Mrs Benita said: "Delighted the latest poll now puts me ahead of the Greens and level with UKIP. That's been achieved with limited tv coverage, no party machine and very little funding. The public have a right to hear my policies on education, youth, housing, the police and the economy. Many voters still don't even know I exist. This just demonstrates how badly wrong the broadcasters have got this election and how the rules on election coverage must now be changed".