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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

David Soul urges Londoners to vote for Benita

Singer and ex-Starsky & Hutch star, David Soul is urging Londoners to vote for Siobhan Benita. Mr Soul, who has been living in London since 1995 and became a UK citizen in 2004, met the independent Mayor of London candidate for tea on Sunday and gave her his endorsement. 

On giving Siobhan Benita his endorsement David Soul said: “Since coming to live in London in the 1990s,  I have watched as the traditional left & right political machines, with very few exceptions, continue to distance themselves more and more from those they are meant to serve. To them, preservation of power, party politics and self-righteousness justification are all more important than honestly grappling with the vital issues that concern the people who live in London, work in London, travel in London and send their children to schools in London. Siobhan is an exception to the rule and exceptionally INDEPENDENT. She is the kind of public servant we need to lead London. I am urging Londoners to vote for Siobhan on Thursday.”

Siobhan Benita said: “I am really pleased to have David’s endorsement. He’s been very politically active since coming to live in London so his support speaks volumes. It’s also very exciting for me to have  the backing of the TV cop turned singer. My family was always glued to the TV when Starsky & Hutch came on.”