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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Green party candidate Jenny Jones meets Police and Community Leaders in Tottenham

Green Mayoral candidate Jenny Jones met police officers and community leaders in Tottenham on Tuesday. Jones was joined by Ken Hinds, Chairman of Haringey Stop and Search monitoring group (HSSMG), a member of Tottenham Concerned Resident Committee and Co-chair of the Stop and Search Monitoring Group.

Jones said: “We can get police officers out from behind their desks and onto the streets, working more closely with local residents and traders and getting more intelligence from local people who trust them. By voting Green for the Assembly list on Thursday, London can help ensure that the police support people escaping a life of crime while getting tough on those who refuse to change.”

Greens on the London Assembly have already: Exposed a loss of lower cost community support officers and civilian staff that will put the police back behind their desks. Reversed cuts to road safety policing resulting in big falls in casualties from collisions. Secured reforms to training and tactics on stop and search and the policing of protest.

Green policies on crime and policing include:
Getting more police officers on the beat by recruiting additional lower-cost office staff for investigative teams, traffic wardens and front desks. 
Fighting cuts to police budgets, and learn the lessons from the August 2011 riots, so we can plan properly for the most effective police service. 
Protecting and expanding safer neighbourhood teams, training local traders and residents' associations to maintain a presence on our streets. 
Recruiting more community police officers from local areas afflicted by youth violence, to reflect the local population. 
Sending police officers into schools to gain the trust of young people instead of stopping and searching them without good reason. 
Offering people a way out of gangs with support to find a job and a secure home, whilst taking firm action against those who break their non-violence pledge