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Friday, 13 July 2012

Labour - all the consistency of lumpy custard

Having been an advocate of Lords reform I am extremely disappointed that the Lords reform bill has been stalled and basically kicked into the long grass by the Labour party. The Labour party’s actions on this matter have been partisan game playing and nothing more. The majority of the proposals in the bill were put forward by the last Labour government, a government that included Ed Miliband and Sadiq Khan.

They said it was because they can’t support the programme motion the government had laid before parliament. Only problem with that lousy excuse they announced they would vote against the programme motion before the government even published it!

It was simply opposing for the sake of opposing. We know this because Peter Hain told the Guardian "I am very comfortable with voting against the programme motion”. Not because he disagrees with programme motions, he was a member a government that used them all the time. It was simply to clog up parliament and stop the government passing what he sees as “rightwing bills”. Which is an appallingly partisan way to behave.

The government's rebels voted against the bill and against making its passage easier. The Labour party, except twenty four rebels, voted for the bill because they support it. But then they would of voted against the to motion to get it through. So will the ends but not the means - so a position that is as about as consistent as a lumpy custard then

Labour party of Ed Miliband can no longer describe themselves as on the progressive wing of British politics they are not. They are merely a bunch of shameful partisan politicians put their party and not the country first. They're grubby tactics over the last week have shown that not only are they not fit for government - they're not even fit to be an opposition!