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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

European election poll blow for UKIP

The polling company YouGov have this morning released a poll which shows for the European elections the United Kingdom Independence Party isn't on course "to win the European elections" which many commentators and some members of their party have been forecasting. 

The Eurosceptic party is currently in third place only five points ahead of the Liberal Democrats, ten points behind the Conservatives and twenty one points behind Ed Miliband's Labour party. The poll is below, the plus and minus figures are the changes from the last European elections in two thousand and nine:

Labour Party 38% (+22.3)
Conservative Party 27% (-0.7)
United Kingdom Independence Party 17% (+0.5)
Liberal Democrat Party 12% (-1.7)
Green Party 3% (-5.1)
Scottish National Party/Plaid Cymru 2% (-0.9)
Others 1% (-14.4)

The main reason for the others going down so much is the collapse in the British National Party and the English Democrat vote. As things stand both British National Party MEPs Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons will lose their seats in the European Parliament.