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Monday, 18 August 2014

Labour launch "Seaside Express" in Brighton

Labour campaign chiefs will today launch Supporters’ Summer Sign-up – the next stage of Ed Miliband’s party reforms to let the people from all walks of life back into politics. The launch of the scheme today is part of Labour’s campaign to highlight what the party calls "The Choice at the next election", not just on policy but Labour say in "the way politics is conducted" in Britain.

Gloria De Piero MP and Jonathan Ashworth MP will begin a nationwide programme to sign up new Registered Supporters following historic party reforms agreed by Labour’s Special Conference in March. The two General Campaign deputies will travel to Brighton with young activists on a bus named “Labour’s Seaside Express” to begin signing up supporters under a scheme designed to bring new faces and fresh energy into the party.

They have chosen Brighton and Hove to launch Supporters’ Summer Sign-up because it includes three key target seats for Labour in the coming election when the strength of the party’s organisation on the ground will be a crucial advantage for the party. Gloria De Piero and Jon Ashworth will be joined by Nancy Platts, Peter Kyle, and Purna Sen, Labour’s PPCs for Brighton Kemptown, Hove, and Brighton Pavilion.

They will later campaign in Mile Oak Park. The "Seaside Express" tour will continue throughout the rest of the week visiting other key seats including those in Waveney, Morecambe and Blackpool.

Gloria De Piero said: "Too often people think all politics is the same or just a game played out in Westminster for the amusement of a few privileged men and even fewer women. But I know - and Labour knows – that there are thousands of people in every community who care about the future of our country but feel no-one will ever listen to them. These reforms we are launching in Brighton and Hove today represent a real chance to get their voice heard louder and clearer than ever before. And they are also our chance to breathe fresh life into our party by opening ourselves up once more to the people of Britain."

Jonathan Ashworth said: "When we talk about The Choice at the next General Election, we are also talking about the character of political parties. On one side there will be the Tories whose membership numbers are plummeting in the seats where they are clinging to power – leaving them ever-more reliant on a handful of rich friends and hedge fund donors paying for expensive posters or glossy mailshots." 

"But on your side will be your local Labour Party whose strength is found in the people of your community - people from every workplace and every walk of life. The Tories think they can win the next election with fears, smears and wealthy donors wielding their chequebooks. We know we can win by offering hope as the party of the people once again. That is why these reforms are so vital for victory. If the Tories think they can outspend us two or even three to one, we know we can outnumber them with boots on the ground in key seats by just as much.”