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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Ed Miliband: A vote for no is a vote for change

Today the Labour leader Ed Miliband will be campaigning in Scotland ahead of the referendum. On a campaigning visit in the Central Belt, he is expected to say:

"In the next 48 hours Scotland faces a historic decision which will shape its future and the whole of the UK's future for centuries to come. Down one path by rejecting separatism and voting NO there is the promise of change. Change for a stronger Scotland and a better Britain. The will of the people of Scotland for economic and political change has been heard and we will deliver."

"Change is coming with more powers on tax and welfare for the Scottish Parliament. We will change the British state too, the House of Lords and the way we work together across our nations. I ask the people of Scotland to lead that change of our whole British constitution. And I also ask them to help deliver economic change too with a Labour government in May 2015 - a government that is within our reach and just months away.‎"

"The great achievements of Britain over three hundred years from workers rights to the NHS will be matched as we tackle the great injustices of today. Injustices we can better surmount together. Together tackling poverty pay. Together realising full employment Together taking on the vested interests from the banks to the energy companies Together replacing insecurity with security at work. Together tackling the huge gap between rich and poor. These are the great causes of our time. Together we will deliver. And together we will build a stronger Scotland and a better Britain."

"On the other path of YES is a future of separation and risk. An irreversible decision. A risk to jobs, the economy and the NHS, as we abandon the shared resources and redistribution of our United Kingdom. With a no vote, things will not go back to the way things were after Thursday. Scotland has shown why we must and why we will change our whole country. Scotland can lead that change across Britain. A vote for no is a vote for change. Let's take our chance to change our country together."