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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Unions 'using cash' to shore up Ed Miliband’s 'collapsing leadership' say the Tories

New figures reveal that Len McCluskey and his fellow union barons are continuing to underwrite Ed Miliband’s Labour Party with cold hard cash. Figures released today by the independent Electoral Commission show that 69 per cent of donations to Labour under Miliband have come from the trade unions- a total of £35.5 million.

A full quarter of all of Labour’s donations have come straight from Unite- who remain Labour’s biggest donor. Len McCluskey recently promised that he would bankroll Labour’s General Election campaign. And we learned recently that Unite back 109 out of 337 of Labour’s parliamentary candidates, giving Len McCluskey more power over Labour politicians than Ed Miliband.

Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps said: "These figures show union bosses are deploying their chequebooks to shore up Ed Miliband’s faltering leadership. Len McCluskey and his fellow trade union barons are propping him up, because they get to pick the Labour candidates, choose the leader, and buy the policies."

"Ed Miliband’s weakness would have serious consequences for Britain. He is too weak to cut the deficit, and too weak to fix the welfare system. He would run up more debt than our children and grandchildren could ever hope to repay." Mr Shapps added.