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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Labour vote with the Tories over renewal of Trident

The SNP/Plaid/Green’s opposition day debate at Westminster today was on cancelling the next generation of Trident nuclear weapons. Scottish Labour had threatened to boycott the debate but for the second time in two weeks - Labour have voted to support the Tories. This time on spending £100 billion on nuclear weapons. The SNP, together with, what they call, a progressive alliance of the Greens and Plaid Cymru led the calls to have these weapons cancelled.

Today’s decision by Labour to vote with the Tories - comes on the day a new poll conducted by Survation and published in the Daily Record shows that of those who expressed an opinion a clear majority of 60% say they are opposed to the next generation of Trident being based on the Clyde. Westminster plans to renew Trident and continue to dump the deadly weapons system on the River Clyde for the next fifty years.

Commenting Angus Robertson MP, Westminster Leader and defence spokesperson said: "Today Scottish Labour decided to support the Tories and vote to consign Scotland to having nuclear weapons dumped on the Clyde at vast expense for the next fifty years. Today’s SNP debate has highlighted Scottish Labour’s acute embarrassment and utter confusion over nuclear weapons. For Scottish Labour to support the Tories on this morally repugnant and financially stupid weapons programme beggars belief. Especially as 28 Scottish Labour MPs turned up last week and trooped in to vote to push through more Tory cuts - but today most couldn’t even be bothered to debate whether or not it is worth spending £100 billion on weapons of mass destruction."

"That Scottish Labour MPs support wasting another £100bn while food bank use is rocketing, and more and more children are being pushed into poverty, is simply indefensible – and with their refusal to debate it’s clear that they know it too. With a strong team of SNP MPs, Scotland can hold the balance of power and can force Westminster to abandon this disastrous commitment – and ensure these immoral weapons are removed from Scotland for good." Angus Robertson added