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Monday, 19 January 2015

SNP heading for 3rd term as Green surge hurts Labour

The SNP today welcomed the Scottish Parliament voting intention figures from the new Survation poll which shows a strong SNP lead and would see Labour under Jim Murphy win even fewer seats than they did in 2011 under the leadership of Iain Gray. 

The poll for the Daily Record shows support for the SNP standing at 50 per cent in the Holyrood constituency vote this is compared to only 26 per cent for Labour, a five per cent fall on Labour’s showing in the 2011 election which delivered the SNP an overall majority. Such a result would mean that the SNP unchanged on 69 seats in Parliament, while Labour would fall to only 29 seats, losing a number of seats to the Greens, and substantially fewer than the 37 delivered by Iain Gray as Scottish Labour leader.

The Scottish Parliament would be made up as follows:

Scottish National Party 69
Scottish Labour 29 -8
Scottish Conservatives 16 +1
Scottish Greens 9 +7
Scottish Liberal Democrats 6 +1
Other 0 -1
Scottish National Party majority of 9

Commenting, SNP Business Convener Derek Mackay MSP said: "This is another very strong poll result for the SNP. Having a 24-point lead after almost eight years in government is testament to our strong record of delivery on the issues the people of Scotland care about – protecting and improving our public services, and investing in jobs and infrastructure in the face of Westminster austerity. Meanwhile, the poll is terrible news for Labour - and for Jim Murphy in particular as his ‘reverse honeymoon’ as leader continues. On these figures, Labour would be on course to win even fewer votes and seats than they did under the leadership of Iain Gray – this is the price for working shoulder to shoulder with the Tories during the referendum."

Continuing Mr Mackay said: "And with Labour voting with the Tories for £30 billion more austerity cuts just last week, it is clear the Labour/Tory alliance is alive and well. While Labour are happy to work with a Tory party engaged in an assault on the living standards of hard-working and vulnerable people, the SNP will always put Scotland first and fight against austerity as Scotland’s party of social justice – which is why more and more people across the country are putting their trust in us."