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Monday, 15 June 2015

SNP say Tory cuts will hit poorest third of families

The Scottish National Party (SNP) is today highlighting a new 'expert report' which shows further evidence of the SNP say are the "pernicious impact" of Tory welfare cuts on the poorest families in Scotland. They also say it shows the true cost of leaving powers over social security in Westminster’s hands.

A report by the Resolution Foundation has found that the burden of the widely anticipated package of cuts to social security – including to child tax credit – would be borne by the poorest third of families in the UK. The new report makes clear that the cuts to the child tax credit being considered by the DWP would cost families with two children up to £1,690 every year – with almost two-thirds of the cut falling on the poorest 30 per cent of households.

Commenting, Joan McAlpine MSP said: "This damning new report shows exactly where the impact of the UK Government’s cuts to social security could fall – once again, the Tories are intent on balancing the books on the backs of some of the poorest families in the country. That the Tories are intent on pushing through yet another cut – two thirds of which would be felt by the poorest third of families – shows exactly where their priorities lie as their relentless assault on the poor and disabled shows absolutely no signs of letting up."

"This report highlights the true cost of leaving control over social security in the hands of Iain Duncan Smith and the Tories – and shows exactly why we need these powers transferred to Scotland to ensure that our poorest families no longer bear the brunt of the uncaring, callous attitude of this UK Government." Ms McAlpine added.