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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Shortlist for Labour’s candidate for London 2016

The London Labour Party have announced their shortlist for Labour’s candidate to fight the London mayoral election in 2016. The shortlisted candidates are:

Diane Abbott
Tessa Jowell
Sadiq Khan
David Lammy
Gareth Thomas
Christian Wolmar

Commenting the Labour leader, Harriet Harman, said: "The Mayor has let down London for too long. We need a Labour mayor in City Hall to stand up for the interests of all Londoners, from Richmond to Redbridge and from Barnet to Bromley."

Ms Harman talked about Labour's planned 'open primary' saying: "But it won’t just be Labour’s members who choose our candidate. As with our Leader and Deputy Leader elections, we will let the public in. Hustings events will be open to the public to come and hear from the candidates, and anybody resident in London who supports the Labour Party can register to vote for who they want to see as the next Labour Mayor."

"Labour’s Mayoral candidate will lead the fightback against the Tories on behalf of Londoners. Who we choose is crucial — and a decision that I want everybody to be involved in making." Harriet Harman added.

So far just 92 people have registered as supporters of the Labour party to take part in the 'open primary'. Candidate and Tottenham MP David Lammy has called for the primary to be free, rather than the £3 being charged by the Labour party, for supporters, to take part.